AWS CDK Support

Service Catalog Factory includes support for preparing AWS CDK projects for provisioning or sharing using Service Catalog Puppet.

This doc only addresses the use case of building AWS Service Catalog products comprising of AWS CDK source code that will be shared using Service Catalog Puppet.

What is working

  • Create a product using AWS CDK

  • Provide parameters for your AWS CDK project using AWS CloudFormation parameters

  • Capture outpouts for your AWS CDK Project using AWS CloudFormation stack outputs

Getting it working


If you are building a service catalog of products comprising of AWS CDK projects you will need to run a CDK bootstrap in each account you are sharing portolios with. There is a helper product set that makes this easier for you:

You will need to provision the IAM product to each account only once and you can then provision the bootstrap product to specific regions where you would like to run cdk bootstrap. There are parameters on those products allowing you to customise the cdk bootstrap arguements.

You can look at the example manifest file for an example of how you can provision the prerequisites.

Creating a CDK product pipeline

To create a CDK product you will need a specialised pipeline that will create the wrapper AWS CloudFormation template that will be added to AWS Service Catalog and copy the source code for later deploying. In order to do this you can use the following syntax within your Portfolios section:

   -  Active: true
      Description: The iam roles needed for you to do your jobs
      Name: v1
        Name: CDK
        Version: 1.0.0
          BranchName: v1
          RepositoryName: account-iam-cdk
        Provider: CodeCommit

Adding the Template attribute tells the solution the product being described will be an AWS CDK product and so the specialised pipeline will be created.

If you need additional runtime-versions and commands to be run before the CDK deploy command is run you can specify these like so:

  - Name: "v1"
    Owner: ""
    Description: "Simple product"
    Distributor: "cloud-engineering"
    SupportDescription: "Speak to about exceptions and speak to about implementation issues"
    SupportEmail: ""
    SupportUrl: ""
      Name: CDK
      Version: 1.0.0
          python: 3.8
            - pip install -r requirements.txt

Please note you can add multiple runtime-versions (it is a dictionary) and you can add multiple install commands (it is a list).

The runtime-versions are added and the commands are executed in the hub account when the product template is being created and in the spoke account when the CDK deploy is being executed.

Using the CDK based products

Once you have generated the product you can use them in a launch - the parameters and outputs will work as if the project was a plain old CloudFormation based product. You can share the portfolio containing the CDK based product using the normal spoke-local-portfolio method.