Terraform Support

Service Catalog Factory includes support for HashiCorp’s Terraform.

What is working

  • Provision your Terraform based products using ServiceCatalog Puppet

  • Sharing Terraform based products using ServiceCatalog Puppet portfolio sharing

  • Using Parameters in ServiceCatalog Puppet

  • Using SSM Parameters in ServiceCatalog Puppet

Getting it working


This was added in version 0.13.0 and the syntax changed in 0.14.0

To create a Terraform based product you must set the product versions provisioner to Terraform:

    - Active: true
      Description: The iam roles needed for you to do your jobs
      Name: v1
        Type: Terraform
        Version: 0.11.14
          - Foo
          - Bar
          BranchName: v1
          RepositoryName: account-iam-terraform
        Provider: CodeCommit

You can choose which version of Terraform is used to provision your product. The valid options are listed here

The TFVars you specify are exposed as parameters when using AWS Service Catalog (meaning you can set them using parameters in AWS Service Catalog Puppet) .

How does it work

When you specify a product uses a Terraform provisioner the framework will generate an AWS CloudFormation template with the following resources: - an AWS S3 bucket that will be used to store the state - an AWS CodePipeline containing AWS CodeBuild steps that download and run a Terraform plan and apply - when you provision a Terraform based product the bucket and pipeline are provisioned into the account and the resources defined in the Terraform code are provisioned

What is still to come

  • Using Depends On in ServiceCatalog Puppet where you can depend on a Terraform based product

  • Using Outputs in ServiceCatalog Puppet for a Terraform based product